Two year old sleep regression or just an excuse?

Oh my goodness what a month and we’re only just over half way through January🤓 

Since New Year’s Eve I’ve had two poorly children, both with a viral infection that lasted almost two weeks. It started with my son aged 3, a temperature as I was walking out of the door on New Year’s Eve about to go on stage and perform for paying customers at an elite party in Cheshire.
Can you imagine having to smile, sing, perform knowing my little boy was burning up.
I couldn’t cancel this engagement it was the highlight of people’s year, New Year’s Eve, they bought new dresses, a black tie event…maybe their happiest day of 2018.
As it happens, my son was ok, my partner left work and Daddy took care of him and let Nanna go home. He loves his Dad and I have to say his Daddy excels when the children are sick, he’s great at looking after them-)
By the time I get home, the other one is starting, my daughter aged 2 is burning up! As the next few days went on we had trips to A & E as a constant temperature and no eating for 5 days, horrendous, repetitive cough was concerning me. You know it will be ok inside, but you can never be sure so off to A & E we went again.

Through out this the sleep went to pot. No one was sleeping or everyone was sleeping at all hours of the day. My little girl has now got herself into a routine of mummy lie down beside me when I put her to bed, as I laid with her rubbing her chest when she was constantly coughing.
There’s nothing wrong with her lungs when I now walk out the room, she screams blue murder!!! How quickly they get into a routine hey!
I’m currently bent over the safety guards on her bed each night with just my head resting on her pillow as I’m not actually getting into the bed anymore!

FIngers crossed we’re over the worst of this now! ❤

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